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Pizza Hut box

This morning I went to clear my mail and found this rolled up and stuffed into the space at the top (intended for newspapers):

Pizza Hut packaging trash

Apart from the way trash deliberately placed in my letterbox made me feel personally violated (what am I, society's dustbin?), it's also not very good for my waste minimisation project stats.  While the box was made from recycled content, "you can't recycle paper or cardboard contaminated with food or other stuff (like pizza boxes)" (http://www.reducerubbish.govt.nz/recycle/index.html).

Since I can't lay my hands on the [expletive deleted] who lacked the character to take responsibility for their own rubbish and chose instead to put it in my letterbox, I decided to do the next best thing and return the packaging to its evil scumbag source.  I unrolled and looked at the packaging and found that the company that is the originator of this trash was Pizza Hut.  I rang their 0800 number and found out they have an outlet in Richmond, Nelson.  So this afternoon I took the manky pizza-encrusted rubbish back down to that outlet and handed it back to the Pizza Hut staff member on duty.

I told them that their company made millions of dollars (Pizza Hut made $15.2 miilion in the first quarter of this year, $71 million for the past  year), generating tons of trash.  They leave it to the wider community to bear the cost of disposal of this waste.  As a member of that community who chooses to have no customer relationship with Pizza Hut, I decline to participate in off-setting the environmental damage their business causes. I was therefore returning their waste.  I thought I did a good job of stating my opposition to the pollution caused by their packaging, without coming off like a crazy person or making any hysterical claims about them killing our planet.

This week, TV3's Target programme looked at fast food litterbugs and what the fast food companies were doing to clean up the problem (i.e., not much) in the Target "Shame On You" segment on the 10th June (video link).  So, to Pizza Hut and the jerk who left their trash in my letterbox, SHAME ON YOU!

But, hey, thanks for the blog post material.


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